If you’re here, you probably already know me, but let’s pretend for a moment that you’re someone who just stumbled across this slice of internet:

Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m 30. I live in the SF Bay Area with my husband, Andrew, and our little orange-sable Pomeranian, Remy. We both work in video games: I’m a marketing manager for a mobile visual novel company, and he is a copywriter for a free-to-play PC game company.

My husband and I met in high school through mutual friends, then reconnected in our sophomore year of college and started dating by junior year. We only recently got married, mostly because it finally made financial sense to do so.

In early May 2016, I got two pink lines on a series of cheap pregnancy tests. We hadn’t been trying very long so the skepticism is doubled! This blog is to document this pregnancy thing for myself, but also for interested friends and family.

Because I’m cautious, and practical, and like to Know Things, there will be a lot of posting of research, books, interesting articles, etc., and sundry tidbits as I come across along the way.