“So what is it?!”

“Do you know what you’re having yet?”

I’m holding out for a baby!

Kidding aside, I’m well aware this is a question about the sex of the baby. Bow or bowtie, Team Pink or Team Blue, touchdowns or tutus, rifles or ruffles, he or she?

I don’t care.

That said, it’s complicated.

I may not care but I’m not going to kid myself that it won’t matter. I don’t buy into the extreme binary that’s set up to differentiate boy children from girl children. Having just experienced some friends going “Team Green” (choosing not to find out the sex until birth), it’s really eye opening how extremely gendered baby-related items are. It’s hard to find cute things that are not explicitly tied to gender stereotypes.

Boys like sports, cars, space, bugs, dinosaurs, blue, orange, green.

Girls get frills, makeup, creatures with eyelashes, sass, princesses, pastels and pink.

In order to avoid that whole mess, I’m very tempted to go “Team Green” myself. But I’ve thought about it. My friends and family are reasonable. Most of them know how I feel about this stuff to begin with. Those that don’t would probably behave if I let them know. There aren’t a whole lot of “manly men” or “girly girls” in my life and I like it that way! Let people be people.

Enough soapbox.

Because this gender thing has mattered so much to people for so long, a lot of theories for predicting what you’re going to have before it shows up have developed. Some of them are clinical and damn near 100%: recent blood tests that get fetal DNA from a sample from mom; the infamous 20 week anatomy scan. Some of them are old wives’ tales: put your wedding ring on  string and swing it over your belly.

I’m going to tackle this in three separate posts.

  1. Old Wives’ Tales
  2. Modern Curiosities
  3. Biological Breadcrumbs