On to the second trimester!

It’s now been 2 months since I last updated. Sorry about that!

Here’s what happened in bullet form:

  • First trimester sickness and fatigue hit me like a ton of bricks.
    • For about 5 weeks, I got up, went to work, came home, napped on the couch, and went to bed. In between, I tried really hard not to vomit by nibbling on saltines and Sour Skittles.
  • I had my first ultrasound on June 1.
    • It looked like this:
    • I heard a heartbeat, which was amazing and so weird.
  • I took a business trip to Japan.
    • I ate lots of sushi. Totally worth it.
    • It was 85 degrees and humid as hell. I was miserable. (See the first bullet point.)
  • My husband and I went to a really fancy dinner at Chez Panisse with a friend we haven’t seen in a few years.
    • I drank prosecco and ate raw fish and rare meat. Once again, it was totally worth it.
  • I took a business trip to Los Angeles to work at Anime Expo.
    • It was EXHAUSTING but thankfully that was just because of the long days standing. First trimester fatigue was clearing up by then.
  • I had my NT scan and the first round of results from the basic genetic screen.
    • It looked like this:
    • Because it was an NT scan, the tech went into a lot more detail. I got to see fingers and toes and see a human-looking thing move around when I coughed.
    • It’s really hard to think of this as being real because all I have are general feelings of malaise (and needing to pee all the time) but hearing the heartbeat again, and seeing the baby look much more human, really helped.
    • The NT scan and the preliminary blood results were all screen negative – very positive signs of a perfectly healthy baby. 🙂
  • I went and visited my best friend and her infant son.
    • So worth it. ♥

I also:

  • Told family and close friends about the pregnancy!
  • Told my boss and HR.

Everyone’s been very supportive (and good at keeping the secret while I decide when to make the official official announcement).

Here’s how I told internet nerd friends:



I should be able to go back to posting somewhat regularly. The fatigue has pretty much cleared up and I can sit down at the computer after work without feeling like I’m going to vomit. Hooray!

Back to the fun stuff. 😉