First Appointment

Well, it was technically my first appointment. In practice, it was more like a phone orientation. My first real appointment is on June 1.

The phone call was a mini-avalanche of information. I’ll be getting another one of those at the appointment, of course, but this one was the “how we do things here at Kaiser” version. Appointments monthly for a while, then every 2 weeks when we get into the 3rd trimester, then weekly as we near the end. I’ll be seeing the same OB/GYN I saw for my regular female exams, except it turns out my primary care doctor participates in this new “group OB” thing that lets me do appointments in the second and early third trimesters with her. I like my primary care doc and barely know my OB/GYN, so this is great!

June 1 is an exciting appointment. They’ll confirm the due date – and do a preliminary ultrasound. There may be pictures. It’ll be really real. I think at that point I can tell family and close friends what’s going on.

One of the reasons I’m hesitant to tell anyone is that the miscarriage risk, even for an otherwise healthy and normal mother, is still in the ~25% range up until a heartbeat is confirmed. It drops to <5% by ~7 weeks, and down to 2% by 9 weeks.

June 1 will be just over 7 weeks.

Sprog is due January 15, 2017.

(I’m calling it Sprog for now.)