There are many things about children and pregnancy that people have opinions on. Quite frequently, they are diametrically opposed. Recently I came across this article which summarized current sleep training methods as taught in various books.

One thing that is nearly universal is that everything changes when there is a baby in the picture.

I don’t consider my life all that exciting. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t go to clubs or parties, I don’t really go much of anywhere. I can’t imagine how what I do day-to-day even has room to change, but I thought it might be interesting to put in a snapshot of my average day now and revisit it as things progress (and especially once the baby is here).

Monday, 7am

Alarm goes off. I’ve been pretty good at getting up when it goes off, but often I hit snooze for another 20 or 30 minutes.


The phone comes out. This is my worst habit: I can get sucked into my RSS feeds or Facebook or Pinterest really easily. If I do, I lose the rest of my morning and end up rushing through the routine. Annoying!

Getting ready

My routine is pretty routine. It takes about 40 minutes, start to finish. Use the bathroom, shower (shampoo, rinse, conditioner, body wash, rinse, face wash, out), brush and floss, get half-dressed, put on makeup (lotion, foundation, eyebrows, blush, eye shadow, eye liner), dry hair, finish getting dressed, finish makeup (mascara), voila!


Take my pills (prenatal, vitamin D3, zinc, OTC allergy), grab my yogurt, boots on, jacket on, out the door! I take my motorcycle every day it isn’t raining during my commute, which, since I live in California, is most days.

20 minutes to work, door to door, is so awesome. I am definitely going to miss that when it comes time to stop riding.

Work: about 8:30 to 6:30

I’ll write something else up about my work, probably, but it’s not terribly relevant here. I work. I chat with Andrew on the side on a program called Between.

Right now, I go out for lunch every day. This is an expensive and unhealthy habit, though, so I’m hoping to switch it up and start bringing things from home. Because I work in a business park in downtown SF, I have plenty of places I can bring my lunch that aren’t inside the office. I have no excuse.

Home again: around 7

I’m usually home before Andrew is. I very occasionally use this time to start cooking dinner. More often, I just get on the computer and pick up where I left off.

I don’t have much structure in the evenings and it’s almost entirely given over to doing whatever I feel like doing. Most of it is done idly. Here are a few things I spend my time with:

  • Catching up on TV shows
  • Internet
  • Sewing
  • Drawing
  • Balancing the checkbook (so to speak – it’s all digital)

“Internet” encompasses everything from watching stupid YouTube videos, to scanning Trulia to see if the Bay Area housing market has gotten any less ridiculous (spoiler warning: it hasn’t), to finding new sewing patterns, reading NASA’s latest press release, shopping for new fabric and other sewing supplies I don’t need, or just going as far back on Facebook as I can on the profile of one of my high school friends.

Bed by 11

I usually head to bed around 10:30, play around on my phone some more (seriously, really bad habit I need to break!), put Hercules on for background noise with a 60-minute sleep timer, then try to buckle down for sleep at 11.

Obviously, the timing of things cannot be the same. But… surely, since my time is spent on things so fluid and indeterminate, nothing will really change, not at first?

… how is it new moms can’t find time to shower or eat?!