What is this?

I’m pregnant.

I want to write about it. Not just for myself, though I am a fan of journaling. I found some old diaries from high school; it was therapeutic to write, even though it was channeling angst into words. It was therapeutic to read, too, and realize how far I’ve come.

This is all new to me. My family is small so there weren’t any weddings or babies or even many funerals to expose me to those meaningful lifetime moments and shape my expectations. I’m a blank slate! But I’m a very anxious blank slate and I don’t like to enter new things unprepared.

There will be much reading. Much questioning of conventional wisdom, because how could I not? I think I’ll also be collecting things that capture my fancy and posting them on a regular basis. I’m a crafter and a sucker for a good project! I also have aspirations of better living. I can do better in the nutrition department, for example, so undoubtedly there will be recipes.

This is for me, but it is also for curious friends and family. I won’t make any promises one way or another on the level of TMI I anticipate, because I’ve noticed that pregnancy and childbirth and children all have a way of deleting most people’s filters, but I’ll do my best to keep it safe (or give a warning if it’s going to get gritty).

Here’s to a pregnant 2016!